This is awesome: It's been more than two years since I stumbled across a photo on Flickr that showed a Spanish Blockbuster outlet that someone had defaced with the slogan "I love P2P", complete with a cute heart and everything. I asked the photographer for permission to reprint the photo here, and he said yes.

He also changed the licensing terms of the photo to a Creative Commons license, which allowed others to reprint it as well - and reprinting they did. The photo first showed up on blogs like Torrentfreak and Waxy, then in a Spanish newspaper, and it's been popping up on Digg ever since ever couple of weeks. The original Flickr photo has been viewed over 117,000 times on Flickr alone, and you can find it on countless other sites as well.

But now this meme has gotten a whole different level of recognition: The Madrid-based Ninotchka Art Project recently printed stickers with the same slogan and made photos of them on various places around Madrid as part of a art project called "Copyright is for losers".

pic of i love p2p art project sticker

Here's a statement from the artists about the project from Escrico en la pared, auto-translated by Google:

"The world has progressed and will progress through the exchange of knowledge. We have to defend a free access to culture and not become a consumer product, as this will destroy the valuable works by minority that are always some that do not meet financial expectations that meet the multinationals."

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