I covered Project Kangaroo for Newteevee last week, describing how the BBC and its local nonprofit partners Channel 4 and ITV were hoping to replicate Hulu's success with their own web-based streaming and download platform. Part of the article was a reference to a study that blamed the lack of such a UK-based Hulu-like site for online piracy.

However, Project Kangaroo was contested by private broadcasters like Sky and Virgin that thought it might stifle commercial competition. Well, guess what: The UK's Competition Commission just ruled that Project Kangaroo won't be able to launch. Cnet UK has all the details:

"The Competition Commission found that Kangaroo 'would be too much of a threat to competition in this developing market and has to be stopped'"

I guess Sky and the likes won't have to fear any competition from the BBC and its partners now, and instead can watch people desert to the Pirate Bay ...

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