Torrent site admins aren't really known for modesty. There are numerous sites that claim to be the "most comprehensive", the "world's largest", or simply the "ultimate". Some of these claims can be verified by looking at the sites' stats, while others are much harder to judge, especially if you're an average user.

This is why it's refreshing to see some honesty. Enter

pic of zerotorrents logo

This site delivers what it promises - which is exactly nothing. In fact, Zerotorrents is proud to be the number one source for nothing, and it shows this message for evey single search request:

"We're sorry, no results matched your request."

Zerotorrents claims to have no torrents at all for music, movies, games and software - but don't worry, you won't find any porn with this site either. So if you ever find yourself overwhelmed by hundreds of search results on the Pirate Bay, just go to Zerotorrents for a reffreshing little bit of nothing.

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