The story about the UK-based Association of Independent Music proposing some sort of compulsory licensing scheme is getting more confusing every day, and the fact that AIM apparently forgot to renew their domain registration isn't really helping either.

The BBC is reporting today that AIM wants a license that allows free downloads for all ISP customers - as long as they can't burn the music. From the story:

"They say that, in the future, the industry would make money from file-sharing music by charging Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for distribution. However, customers would still have to pay for a permanent copy of a piece of music on CD, or as a download bought from digital retailers. "

I'm really unsure on how this is supposed to work. Are they trying to give every UK internet user a free Napster account? Or do they want to legalize file sharing - but only if you download DRMed tracks from special walled-garden networks?

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