Wired News has unearthed a few more details about Warner Music's plan to license noncommercial file sharing over P2P networks through a voluntary collective licensing scheme.

Warner hired Jim Griffin back in March
to develop this idea and convince other record labels to join in, and it looks like he has been pretty successful: Griffin has apparently come up with an independent non-profit organization called Choruss that will oversee the licensing and administer all fees and payments. The Choruss.com website hasn't launched yet, but it's already registered to Griffin's Onehouse LLC.

And Warner is not alone: Sony as well as EMI are already on board, according to Wired News, and the labels are currently trying to convince Universities to try campus-wide licensing that would essentially make it legal for students to download music from P2P networks as well as Usenet groups or hosters like Rapidshare.com for a small fee.

I've been a proponent of collective licensing for P2P networks for quite some time now, but honestly never thought we would see anything like this within the next ten years, at least not in the US. Now it looks like it could even be realized next year.

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