The details of the libel suit against become clearer: P2PUnite reports that Canadian court records identify Sharman Networks as the plaintiff. Following this lead, we just discovered that the lawsuit not only involves Sharman networks, but also their CEO Nikki Hemming. The named defendants are Jon Newton, his ISP Interserver Inc. as well as John & Jane Doe and Richard & Jane Roe - the latter four of course representing anonymous as well as pseudonymous defendants. P2Pnet has erased a couple of stories about Hemming and Sharman Networks, but regarding the timing we'd suspect the reason for the lawsuit might have been a story titled "Nikki Hemming's money mansion" that quotes extensively from an unnamed "reader's write" comment, alleging that Hemming as well as Sharman Network's investors are part of some sort of tropical island money laundering scheme. Which of course is pure speculation, and presenting it as factual might just get you sued.

Update: The Register has published Sharman's initial cout filing, confirming our suspicions regarding the article in question.
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