I've been saying for a while now that Akamai missed out on a huge opportunity after they acquired Red Swoosh for 19 million dollars in 2007. There was a chance to expand the CDN market towards user generated content hosted on blogs and social networks, but Akamai instead just decided to ... do nothing, I guess.

At least that's what the company did with Red Swoosh's domain name Redswoosh.com. Akamai apparently somehow forgot to renew it, and now it's in the hand of god knows whom, hosting a generic ad-laden landing page.

To be fair, Redswoosh.com wasn't Red Swoosh's primary domain name, which instead was Redswoosh.net. That domain is now forwarding to a subsection of Akamai's site that deals with he company's "Netsession Interface", which presumably is just another name for the Red Swoosh client.

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