The folks over at iBored were able to get two interesting screen shots of Limewire's redesigned client.

pic of leaked limewire screenshot

Check out iBored for a second screen shot showing a search results page.

Of course one should note that those screen shots are marked as "early concept art". I've also been told from people in the know that this is not exactly how the final version 5.0 will look like, but that the redesigned UI will be somewhat similar, so these shots definitely offer some clues about what to expect from Limewire's next version - and what can I say? I like what I see so far.

Gone is much of the Java clunkiness that defined Limewire over the last few years, always making it look like it escaped from a weird parallel universe where everyone is still using Windows 3.1. Instead it's been replaced by a much smoother, web-like UI that I believe is based on Xulrunner, which is the same code that's also used for the UI of Firefox, Songbird and Miro.

The library shot offers first clues about the upcoming social features, displaying your friends' shared files right next to your own. Friends that are not online are greyed out in the buddy list. Also notable: the download page displays the upcoming Limelinks ads next to, and not on top of the current serach results. That's definitely a huge improvement that makes it look much more like Google Adsense and should help to differenciate the own ad product from various SEO companies that try to inject "ads" right into the search results.

I wouldn't be too surprised if the Limewire team leaked these screenshots on purpose to get some feedback from its user base. So let's weigh in on it: Wat do you think?

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