Comcast recently announced that it will disconnect users that eat up more than 250 Gigabyte of bandwidth per month. There has been some debate about whether that number is fair, with some arguing that HD video downloads or online backup services could easily get you to violate the cap.

Another big problem: Comcast's users aren't told how much bandwidth they actually use, so they won't know if they use to much until it is too late. There are some bandwidth monitoring tools for you PC, but those don't include the considerable amount of bandwidth that devices like the XBox, Vudu or the Netflix Roku can cause.

It looks like Comcast listened at least to this complaint. A representative of the company chimed in on the subject in the comment section of GigaOM today, writing:

"A web-based tool to enable users to monitor their usage is in development."

The article that provoked the comment was arguing that the best way to get rid of Comcast's bandwidth cap is to complain about it. I guess Comcast's response just proved its point.

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