Limewire has recently started a podcast directory on its website, which is currently featuring about two dozen podcasts. The site is labeled as "pre-release alpha", and there is no word about whether it will be included in the Limwire client, become part of the company's social music network or marketed as a stand-alone project.

pic of limewire podcast directory

The project does have its own blog, which marks early August as the official pre-launch launch date. However, most of the podcasts haven't been updated since the end of August, so it might be a work in progress, waiting for its next revision.

The podcast directory is featuring magnet links that make it possible to manually download individual episodes with Limewire's client. The application isn't currently capable of processing RSS feeds or downloading podcasts automatically, but there are some signs that Limewire may be rethinking this in the process of becoming more Bittorent-friendly. Bittorrent clients like uTorrent and Azureus are all able to use RSS feeds with enclosures to automatically download content.

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