Pioneer and the P2P Next project showcased the P2P-powered NextshareTV set top box at the IBC conference in Amsterdam last week, and a first photo of the Nextshare UI has found its way onto Flickr.

pic of nextshare ui

Image CC-BY-NC fatcontroller. Used with permission.

Of course this is only a small part of the UI, but it already reveals a few things: First of all, this is the actual BBC News broadcast from last Friday, and the time stamp of the photo's metadata is the same as the time displayed on the TV screen, meaning that this is actually a live P2P broadcast. The UI seems to also show BBC One and Three as being available through Nextshare, which could mean that at least in theory the BBC's complete program could get distributed via P2P during the upcoming Nextshare field test.

Also notable: The display shows podcasts and music albums, presumably stored on a user's hard drive, as available through the set top box. Finally, the UI displays th word 'alpha". Let's hope we get to see more of it soon.

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