Looks like Jack Bauer's day just got a little shorter: The season premiere of "day 7" of 24 will simultaneously in the US air and on German TV, according to a report of Germany's IT news website heise.de. The following episodes of the hit show will be made available just a few hours after their US release date, and German 24 fans will be able to chose between a synchronized and an original version.

The move is not only aimed at getting people excited in 24 again after the show had to be delayed for a whole year because of Hollywood's writers strike. It's also an obvious move against P2P piracy. TV fans in Europe have long been complaining about long release windows that result in shows reaching foreign markets months, if not years after they premiered on US TV.

More and more Europeans are taking matters into their own hands by simply downloading popular shows hours after they hit the airwaves in the US. In fact, the majority of downloads for popular shows seem to happen because of these long release windows. Torrentfreak recently reported that only four percent of the downloaders of the Prison Break season premiere were from the US.

Moving away from worldwide release windows and towards day to day releases of popular shows could help to alleviate this problem. It's unclear however how effective the German 24 experiment will be. Jack Bauer's drama is going to show on the German pay TV network Premiere, which over the years has struggled to remain relevant in a country where most people are not used to pay for television.

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