Looks like the folks from the Pirate Bay aren't the only ones that want to secure P2P through encryption: Two developers by the names of Rich Jones and John Schanck have been working on a new P2P protocol that combines encryption with a degree of anonymity.

anomos logo

The Anomos protocol is based on Bittorrent, but it enhances the popular P2P protocol with end to end encryption and a routing mix network, meaning that data packets are routed through a number of relays before finally reaching their destination. The duo used the recent HOPE conference for a first public presentation. You can watch a somewhat non-technical video with a way to long pre-roll ad about the project below.

The Anomos website features a more technical overview of Anomos. There's no code pre-compiled binary (see comments for clarification) to download yet, but the Anomos developers are promising a working alpha client for the next couple of weeks.

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