BigChampagne has been in the news frequently over the years, and the idea to use P2P usage data to facilitate media marketing efforts isn't all that new either. Up until now it wasn't too clear who is actually making use of these measurements though, since most mainstream media companies were a little shy to admit that they actually rely on piracy.

Looks like this has finally changed. The Economist just published a story that reveals a hand full of BigChampagne customers, with Hulu apparently being one of them. From the article:

"Hulu, a website operated by News Corporation that offers free, advertising-supported video-streaming, already uses file-sharing statistics to design its programming and to set advertising rates."

Hulu is of course a joint venture of News Corporation and NBC Universal. Yes, you got that right - that's the same NBC Universal that has previously claimed that P2P is the root of all evil.

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