The makers of the secure file-sharing / backup solution announced today that they're opening up their application for a public beta on August 14th. The new beta will not only make invite codes obsolete, but also include a web-based component. From the newsletter:

"After August 14, Wuala can be started directly from the web, no software installation required anymore. You can still install it on your desktop if you like, but you can also access it on computers where you can't install."

The service will also feature embedding options for social networks - something I've been wanting to see ever since I first tried it out back in October of 07. Maybe will finally become the secure and distributed data storage solution for the social graph I've been looking for ...

It's unlcear yet how exactly will offer Web-based storage. The service has been relying on users opening up their hard drives in exchange for secure storage space in the cloud up until now, but this has always been subsidized with some server-based storage. I wouldn't be too surprised at all to see S3 doing the heavy lifting once unveils the new offering.

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