Michael Arrington published a story this afternoon about EMI suing Hi5, Videoegg and ten John Doe defendants, which are presumably the uploaders of EMI music videos, for copyright infringement. From Techcrunch:

"One person close to the litigation says that the parties have been negotiating with EMI for well over a year to avoid litigation, but that they were unable to reach agreement."

This story comes just one day after the German IT news website reported that EMI Publishing Germany got a preliminary injunction against the local streaming video website Myvideo.de. A the center of the German lawsuit were "ten musical works that were published on the platform without the consent of rights holders". Ten, eh? Sounds somewhat familiar ...

EMI previously got into an agreement with Youtube to license it works on the platform, but now it apparently decided to take the Universal Music route instead and sue the hell out of these sites. I wouldn't be too surprised to see more lawsuits in the coming days and weeks in other EMI strongholds, like the UK.

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