This summerís TV season has barely started, but net-savvy TV fans are already downloading pilots of shows slated to premiere this fall. A whole bunch of pilots have found their way onto torrent sites in recent days, and file sharers are having heated debates about shows that in some cases still go by their working titles. As always, the sources of the leaks are unknown, but one can suspect that at least some of the shows received some inside help.

Of course, leaks like these are unfortunate if a show has been running into trouble during production. The pilot for ABCís remake of the UK crime drama Life on Mars was shot in Los Angeles, but ABC decided to relocate the whole show and re-shoot in New York. The L.A. pilot still found its way online where it got less than stellar reviews. Other shows are doing far better online, which could help them to build a fan base ahead of the fall TV season. So what can we expect coming this fall, and what are file sharers thinking about these shows? Continue reading at

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