There are tons of personal file sharing solutions out there, but most of them require both parties to install a client - which is not really an option if you're dealing with folks who are on corporate networks, or maybe just don't know that much about this whole Internet thing.

Hybrid services like Podmailing take away some of the pain by merging P2P uploads with web-based downloads, so your Mom won't have too struggle with installing and using yet another application in order for her to download your latest video creation. But what if your Mom wants to send you a big file for a change?

pic of droopy python web server

This is where Droopy comes in. Droopy is a small web server that is made for exactly these Mom meets Linux hacker type of scenarios. You can run it on any machine that is running Python, so you should be fine with OS X, Windows, Ubuntu and many other OS platforms.

Just execute it via command-line, maybe throw in a photo of yourself for good measure, figure out the IP address of your local machine, send it as a link to your Mom - and she can start to upload her recipe collection onto your computer in no time.

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