Looks like Usenet is getting easier to use every day. A PHP developer of a big Silicon Valley web company with an exclamation mark in its name has used his spare time to come up with a service that makes it possible to subscribe to TV shows via Miro or iTunes and then download every new epsiode as it becomes available on Usenet.

pic of schmooze.tv

The service goes by the name Schmooze.tv and also offers a nifty, iTunes-like web interface that makes it possible to download episodes with a single click. Says the developer:

"In my specific case, I've created Schmooze.TV RSS feeds for my favorite shows. Every half-hour, the Mac mini attached to my flat-screen checks these feeds for new episodes and downloads them in the background. It's like TiVo - without the TiVo."

Schmooze.tv also features an iCal feed so you'll know when new episode of your favored shows are going to air. The one string attached, aside from obvious legal issues, is that you'll need an Easynews account to make use of the Schmooze.tv feeds.

"Luckily, for tech geeks like myself, Easynews, a $10/month Usenet provider, automatically decodes and offers up newsgroup binaries over the web. All that's left is automating the downloads."

Automating Usenet downloads via RSS is definitely an interesting idea. I took my own much more primitive stab at this a while ago with a combination of Yahoo Pipes and Guba, but Schmooze.tv is definitely much more powerful.

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