Spanish rights holders sued the people behind the Piolet file sharing client and MP2P protocol this week. You can read all about it over at Zeropaid, even though some of the details seem a little sketchy. What it boils down to is that Pablo Soto's P2P empire may get shut down by Spanish courts.

Luckily, there is an alternative out there. Some open source developers reverse-engineered the MP2P protocol back in 2004 and used their newfound knowledge to write their own version of the client called Openlito. From their website:

"The goal of the OpenLITO project is to write an open source MANOLITO (MP2P) peer-to-peer client, compatible with Pablo Sato's Blubster, Piolet, and RockItNet software, able to run on non-Windows OS's. Much of MP2P is already reverse-engineered, however, no working open source client is yet available. The OpenLITO project is focusing on reversing the MP2P protocol (also known as the MANOLITO protocol)."

Granted, the Openlito files on Sourceforge haven't been updated for years. However, the same is true for the original MP2P applications, so there's a good chance that Openlito will work just fine. Now someone just has to pick up where others left off and port the application to different platforms.

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