Podmaling has started to test a hybrid P2P client that uploads data via Bittorent as well as HTTP do deal with throttling ISPs. From its blog:

"The protocol hybridization implies that all the different transfer schemes can happen simultaneously according to what works best, and if the BitTorrent part is blocked, the software falls back entirely on http to carry out the transfers."

Podmaling is a service that is using Bittorrent in combination with Amazon's S3 to allow its users to exchange large files that would otherwise clog their email inbox (check here for an earlier review). Each file gets hosted at S3, so you don't actually have to be online for the transfer to take place. Podmailing has been offering HTTP downloads of these files for users that don't want to or can't upload a file for a while now, but the new version also makes HTTP available for uploads.

Fortunately my ISP doesn't mess with Bittorrent and in fact even supports net neutrality, so I can't test this part right now, but regular uploads seem to work fine, with data being evenly split between HTTP and Bittorrent.

picture of podmailing hybrid transfer

There was one other semi-announcement on the beta test page that caught my eye:

"If you get the impression that our servers are providing a BitTorrent re-seeding service you are not far from the truth. Although Podmailing is currently only meant for one-to-few "e-mail" private communication, we have a one-to-many publishing service in the works too."

Interesting ...

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