Two German policemen specialized in investing Internet crime have become the target of an investigation themselves. And not just any kind of investigation: The two crime fighters from the German town of Bremen are suspected of Internet piracy.

A raid of their apartments resulted in the confiscation of "a multitude of CDs and DVDs", according to the Austrian Newspaper Der Standard. It's unclear at this point whether those disks contain pirated media and whether the duo used police computers for their alleged downloading habits. The two policemen became target of the investigation after a colleague told on them. Perhaps he wasn't a big fan of double standards.

This isn't the first time German anti-piracy activists have been suspected of being pirates themselves. A lawyer involved in the persecution of people that were (oftentimes unknowingly) selling copy protection circumvention programs on Ebay got 10 months on probation last year for his involvement with a paid warez FTP server enterprise. The German computer magazine c't also reported that the anti-piracy organization GVU at one time financed the hosting costs of a warez server in exchange for information about the scene.

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