Torrentfreak has an interesting story today about the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) putting pressure on a local hosting company to shut down, SumoTorrent, BTMon and FullDls. It's always been a little surprising to me that Canada has been seen as a safe harbor for torrent sites by many, including apparently these sites' owners.

Of course, Canada has been anything but a paradise for torrent sites: Demonoid has been forced to leave Canada early on, and Isohunt owner Gary Fung has been targeted by the MPAA even though he and the site reside in Canada. The Canadian Press (yes, that's what they're called) ran a good recap of that lawsuit just a few days ago.

Maybe it's really just wishful thinking that makes us believe that the grass is just greener in Canada, as I recently wrote for Newteevee:

"Letís face it, we like to believe that everything is better in Canada. You know, people donít lock their doors, health care is free, prescription drugs are cheap and bears just eat syrup all day long, presumably while downloading TV shows via BitTorrent."

Of course the same thing could be said for the other long-time favorite country of torrent admins, the Netherlands. I guess it's time to bust out the map again.

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