The popular BitTorrent web site Mininova was sued by the Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN this week in a bid to get Mininova to filter unlicensed content. The organization has had some success in the past against Edonkey and BitTorrent web sites, so there is at least a possibility that Mininova will be forced to either take down most of its torrent files or shut down completely. Either way, it would be a big blow for the BitTorrent community. Since launching in early 2005, Mininova has quickly become one of the biggest BitTorent directories, with almost 5 billion torrent downloads to date.

The possibility of Mininova closing down also raises an important issue: BitTorrent is a highly centralized P2P protocol to begin with, depending on central servers both to catalog content and facilitate downloads. The growing popularity of the protocol has led to the creation of a few torrent powerhouses, with Mininova and The Pirate Bay being two of the most prominent. Could this increasingly monolithic infrastructure be the Achilles’ heel of BitTorrent piracy? Continue reading at

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