Remember Spiralfrog, the licensed and DRMed P2P music platform? Apparently no one else does, which is why the company decided to start a viral advertising campaign with a new site called The Flash-heavy site features an awkward intro with a club bouncer that looks like the company's accountant, but it gets even worse once you are inside.

The whole point of the site is to show off different playlists of free (as in beer with a DRM hangover) music, so they came up with the idea of dancers representing different styles. It's kind of like those odd cut-out virtual girls you were supposed to install on your desktop back in the Nineties, minus the nudity.

picture of spiralfrog club dancer

So where's the viral part? You can exchange the face of a dancer with your own and email it to a friend. Or you can do what I did and use the face of Spiralfrog Chairman Joe Mohen instead.

Here's what the Spiralfrog press release had to say about the campaign:

"This campaign gives music fans the tools to become part of the SpiralFrog brand experience and connect with music in an inspiring way."

Of course that's exactly what users that get their tunes from Limewire and Bittorrent have been missing out on: A brand experience. Great that somebody has finally filled the void.

(via Hypebot)

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