The popular Bittorrent news website Torrentfreak is going to relaunch its forums this week under the new address The new site design is already up and running, but there isn't much content as of now. It looks like the site will feature discussions about Torrentfreak articles and general P2P news as well as tutorials and off-topic chit chat.

There's no dedicated space to swap private tracker invites yet. Ernesto from Torrentfreak told me that people in search for invites should go to invite-specific sites instead for now. However, he said that P2Pfreak might feature some invite-specific area at a later time. "We're certainly not going to ban threads like that but it's silly to start with 30 categories if there are only a few users," he added. used to be a Torrentfreak side project for more general P2P news that weren't specifically related to Bittorrent, but the site never really took off. Torrentfreak also used to have its own forums, but those lacked participation as well. Ernesto hopes will work out better because he's getting some help from an expert the second time around. One of the forum admins comes from - the biggest and most successful Italian P2P community.

The Torrentfreak team is currently working on integrating the forums more closely with their main site. "We're not 100% ready," Ernesto told me, "but people are free to sign up."

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