The controversial P2P tracking company Logistep has announced that it is expanding its reach to a few more European countries. Logistep is cooperating with the law offices of Cohen Amir-Aslani Marseillan Ornano and Associés in France to start lawsuits against French file sharers.

Polish file sharers will soon also get sued based on data investigated by Logistep. The company is cooperating with the local consulting and legal outlet Obig Polska Business Consulting to hunt down P2P users that offer works from rights holders like Topware Interactive, Magic Records, Techland and Universal Music.

Last not least, Logistep will expand its work to its home turf. The company is based in Switzerland, but hasn't worked with local rights holders yet. This might change soon: Logistep has announced that it will work with the law office Thomannfischer to go after its fellow file swapping citizens. Logistep has been criticized in the past by the Swiss government's Privacy Czar Hanspeter Thuer for allegedly violating Swiss privacy laws. The company however believes that Thuer won't follow up on threats of legal action, claiming that "there are no further roadblocks to go after infringers in Switzerland."

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