recently interviewed Bittorrent CTO Eric Klinker about the company's cooperation with Comcast. The interview happened to be recorded on earth day, so's Andy Plesser also asked about the environmental impact of P2P. Klinker was very optimistic, saying that utilizing end user's PCs makes it possible to buy and run less servers. You can watch the complete interview below.

I'm personally not so sure if P2P is really that green. Sure, buying less servers and running less data centers sounds like a good idea, but oftentimes it's just much easier to clean up a centralized resource than a decentralized one.

Google is already working on plans for alternative energy-powered data centers, but it will be a long time until every single user can access green energy. Also, users that keep their PC running 24/7 in order to download and seed torrents just don't seem like the pioneers of a green computing movement to me, but maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

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