The porn industry is spreading its tentacle arms to fight off file sharers and other online pirates, according to a report of the adult biz website Distributors of x-rated animation fare have founded an association called "The Animation Co-op Defense League" and started to send take-down notices to blogs and file sharing communities. Says XBiz:

"So far this year the group has successfully shut down a total of 10,738 infringers, including 5,006 movie file-sharing links, 2,123 picture file-sharing links and 3,609 blog posts."

I'm actually not too sure what picture file-sharing links are - links to zipped archives of comics maybe? Or links to multi-file torrents? At least it looks like I'm not the only one confused by all this new technology. XBiz quotes Defense League director Wendy Crawford with the following words:

"Every day we speak with websites, tube sites and affiliate programs, who have knowingly or unknowingly displayed content that they do not have the rights for."

Maybe Ted Stephens was right after all. The Internet is a series of tubes - and apparently they're full of pirated Japanese school girl panties.

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