Amazon Web Services Evangelist Jeff Bahr recently wrote about his company's Bittorrent support on his blog. As reported here before, Amazon's S3 storage solution supports Bittorrent seeding out of the bow. Jeff calculates how much that might save content providers:

"The traditional download would cost 60 cents to upload, 45 cents to store and $60 to download, for a total of $61.05. The BitTorrent download would again cost 60 cents to upload, 45 cents to store, but just 60 more cents to download, for a total of $1.65. As I noted above, this is the best possible case, where the clients use an optimal/perfect random distribution of initial block requests, so each block is downloaded from the seed just once. Even if the clients arenít perfect and each block is downloaded, say, 5 times, the total cost is still just $3.45, or just 6% of the traditional cost."

Six percent still seems a little low to me. People who have distributed files with server-based Bittorrent seeds have told me that up to 20 percent of the data comes from the server. Which still saves you 80 percent. That ain't too bad either.

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