The collaboration between Comcast and Bittorent Inc. is certainly the news of the day. You can read the original press release in case you missed it, and my colleague Chris Albrecht has done a great job at summing up the issue over at Newteevee.

Comcast obviously did this to avoid any government intervention into their business practices, but it should be noted that Bittorrent seems to support this hands-off approach as well. The press release reads:

"Both BitTorrent and Comcast expressed the view that these technical issues can be worked out through private business discussions without the need for government intervention."

This is basically the mantra that Ashwin Navin has been repeating over and over since Comcast started blocking Bittorrent back in last summer. Here's what he told me when I interviewed him late last year:

"Where competitive forces are alive and well, and I believe they are here in the United States, I believe the ISPs will upgrade their networks to accomodate this usage pattern."

Which is why I was surprised when Bittorrent CTO Eric Klinker joined a Free Press panel in February that clearly supported government intervention. Nicholas Reville from Miro used the panel to demand "strong net neutrality leigslation", and Kliner, put on the spot about Navin's previous remarks, told journalists that his company felt "as strongly as Miro does” about the subject.

I guess this just means they were for the war before they were against it ...

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