Users of the Italian P2P site have compiled a Live CD to detect whether your ISP blocks Bittorrent. The project is partially based on the EFF's "Test your ISP" guide, but it simplifies the process quite a bit in that you won't have to install any additional software on your computer.

project gemini

From the website:

"In this project, our aim is to produce evidence with the technique below: we've developed two "Live" operating systems designed to connect with one another over the Internet, to start a BitTorrent transfer, and to record the transmission - after which it will generate a report containing the analysis of the traffic."

Users of the Live CD won't have to type any cryptic commands into a shell. In fact, you won't even have to deal with setting up a Bittorrent transfer - the Live CD starts a transfer automatically, with one user serving as a tracker and the other one as an uploader.

The Gemini project Live CD is based on Ubuntu and makes use of Wireshark as well as the pcappdiff tool that was developed by the EFF to verify that Comcast is in fact messing with Bittorrent transfers. Users who want to test their ISP have to pair up and download two different versions of the Live CD to be able to test actual transfers between different IP numbers.

I've heard from industry sources that there are some local US ISPs other than Comcast that block Bittorrent as well. Let's see if this tool helps to find out who exactly those companies are ...

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