... they're going to ruin your company by using your network for P2P downloads - that's the message the IFPI is trying to get across with a new campaign aimed at corporate entities, according to Encore Digital Weekly and Hypebot.

The music industry trade group is referencing a half-year old report to scare companies into more proactive copyright enforcement policies. Because, you know, P2P networks are going to get you robbed, sued and infected by viruses.

Especially odd is a part that seems to single out younger coworkers as the gravest threat to corporate security. Encore quotes IFPI material with the following words:

"The problem appears to be concentrated among younger workers. The survey indicated that one in five under 25s illegally download music at work. It only takes one person to download an infected file and expose the company to huge risks."

Fight piracy. Only hire old farts. Now that's a message I'd really love to see on a billboard ...

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