The popular Bittorrent news blog Torrentfreak has been down for the better part of the weekend, and here are already rumors spreading on Digg that the site might have been visited by the "MPAA and RIAA at the same time again and again", which is probably supposed to mean that it might have fallen victim to a DDOS attack.

The reality is lot less dramatic. I just talked to Torrentfreak editor Ernesto who told me that the server that Torrentfreak is hosted on suffered a motherboard failure. To add insult to injury, Torrentfreak's hosting company seems to have caused additional trouble, which is why Ernesto is currently migrating to a new hoster.

Of course, changing your web hosting company usually means updating your server's DNS records, so it could take a few additional hours until everybody will get access to the site again. Hold your breath.

Update: The site is back up, but it looks like the DNS propagation isn't complete yet. Right now I'm able to access, but not

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