Digg founder Kevin Rose has been trying to capture part of the Twitter crowd with his social messaging and file sharing service Pownce, but Pownce hasn't really been able to make headways. Pownce has been getting some props for its file sharing features, but now file sharing is coming to Twitter: The web developers from Phoreo.com just unveiled Twittershare - a mashup that combines free file hosting with Twitter messaging.


Twittershare offers Twitter users a web interface and a OS X dashboard widget with drag and drop capabilities to combine the typical SMS-style messages with individual file uploads. Uploaded files are hosted at Phoreo.com and links to these files are then posted on Twitter. The maximum file size is ten megabytes.

The only feature that is still missing to catch up with Pownce is the capability to send files to select groups of users - but Twittershare is definitely a nice start for hardcore Twitter users that want to share a file every now and then.

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