AFP is reporting that the Egyptian telecommunications ministry has asked its citizens to pause their MP3 and movie downloads until the country's Internet conectivity is back to normal. A damage to an untersea cable has caused disruptions for Internet users in the Middle East this week. Traffic is now being routed through a backup cable, but its capacity apparently isn't high enough to deal with the region's file sharing needs.

AFP qoutes telecommunications a ministry spokesperson with the words:

"People should know how to use the Internet because people who download music and films are going to affect businesses who have more important things to do."

South Asia has also been affected by the broken cable, with AFP reporting "a major communications disruption" for India's outsourcing industry. So don't blame "Joe in Texas" if his voice breaks up during your next phone support call - it's probably caused by some kid in Egypt, clogging the tubes with a Bittorrent download.

(via gulli)

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