CNet New is reporting that RIAA president Cary Sherman has said his organization isn't interested in goverment-mandated copyright filters on the ISP level. CNet news quotes Sherman with the words:

"I don't think anyone here is trying to re-legislate this issue. We're much more interested in finding a marketplace way of going about this."

Sherman's remarks came in response to a speech of U2 manager Paul McGuinness that called for filtering mandates. Sherman apparently tried to downplay these remarks by saying that McGuinness was more used to regulatory approaches because he is European.

However, McGuinness isn't the only one demanding new laws that would force ISPs to filter out copyrighted content. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which is an affiliate of and to a large degree has the same members as the RIAA , has called for legal and political action in its latest Digital Music Report. The report reads:

"IFPI and its affiliates are discussing with ISPs in many countries a system for curbing mass copyright infringement on their networks. Many countries are now progressing towards concrete steps by ISPs in this area. However, the recording industry is prepared to use the courts where voluntary collaboration fails."

The press release accompanying the report is even more blunt:

"Governments are starting to accept that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should take a far bigger role in protecting music on the internet, but urgent action is needed to translate this into reality."

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