The German Pirate Party suffered a bit of a blow in its first election contest: Only 0.3 percent of the voters of the Hesse state elections decided to support the pirates. The official preliminary results show that the party only got 6955 votes. It would have taken an additional 133000 votes to actually win seats in the Hesse state parliament.

The local Pirate party still did better than some of the other small parties, but it got less than half of the number of votes than an animal rights activist party. The German neo-fascist NPD party also got more than three times as many votes than the pirates. The Pirate Party also didn't get enough support to be eligible for public funding.

Finally, some folks might now have similar feelings for the Pirate Party that progressives have for Ralph Nader over here in the US. State elections in Hesse were sharply contested this time around because the governing conservative (CDU) politican Roland Koch made some remarks that were widely perceived as borderline racist. His party was dealt a decisive blow as a result of this, losing around twelve percent of its supporters.

Still, the conservatives prevailed with 0.1 percent, or just 3000 votes, ahead of the more moderate Social Democrats (SPD). One frustrated voter used the temporary Pirate Party election forum to blow off some steam:

"CDU: 36,8%; SPD: 36.7; Pirate Party: 0.3% Thanks a lot for four more years of Roland Koch."

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