The cross-platform P2P backup system Scatter has decided to go open source. From their website:


We think that we can develop a better product through the open process instead of limiting ourselves to a few internal programmers. But that means that we need you to help make this peer-to-peer (p2p) backup framework exactly what it both should be and needs to be."


The catch: Scatter hasn't actually released any client yet and still is very much a work in progress. Jim Hodapp from Scatter tells me that "it's been slow going so far, but we hope to pick up steam as more source is generated and hopefully some people get involved in the project from the open source community."

Of course one could be cynical about this and lament about the fact that open sourcing the project shouldn't make up for missing resources and / or funding. But hey, it's always good to have some more open source code out there, and it might be worth a look for people who have been thinking about working on similar projects.

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