Okay, the title probably doesn't describe the political world view of the people running GOPhub.com too accurately, but I just couldn't resist. GOPhub.com is kind of like a Digg for Republicans who don't like the fact that their stories don't get enough votes on Digg. Judging from the vote count of items on their own website there seem to be four or five of them.

Anyway, GOPhub.com has partnered with P2P video distributor Neokast to start an own streaming media platform. I can't check it out right now because I'm on a Mac and Neokast is Windows-only, but GOPhub is confident that it "now offers the Republican Party a truly disruptive technology". From Techrepublican.com:

"Essentially YouTube on steroids, GOP Hub's streaming video network will offer GOP candidates across the country the opportunity to utilize our consulting services to build their own channels of 24/7 content on their own campaign website for a very reasonable cost, especially considering what they pay for a few seconds of time on the local news."

I guess I wasn't really aware of the fact that you have to pay money to be on the news, but okay, enough with the ridiculing. This election will definitely be the first big electoral contest powered by Youtube, Ustream and other forms of online video, and it will be interesting to see whether P2P will play a role in that or not. This might just be a first indicator that it will.

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