Limewire CEO George Searle revealed a few more details about his company's upcoming social network today. Searle wrote on the Limewire blog that will be "an online community where artists can interact with fans, promote and monetize their music, shows and merchandise." P2P Blog reported first about Limespot yesterday, noting that the site promises the launch of Wikis, blogs and forums.

Searle also got into a few more details about the integration of Limespot and the upcoming Limewire music store within the Limewire P2P client. In his own words:

"This year, alongside the usual LimeWire search results, we’ll begin integrating links to extended content in LimeSpot, LimeWire Store and, eventually, across the web."

Searle previously talked about adding context-relevant links and advertising within Limewire at a DCIA event a few months ago, and Limewire has announced that the client will eventually feature a browser integration. He used his blog post today to go into a few more details, comparing the addition of these links to Google's universal search and hinting at a much more social and media-rich P2P experience:

"Soon, within LimeWire, you’ll be able to connect with participating artists, and drill down or sideways to see photos, find tour dates, watch music videos, find lyrics and buy music, tickets and merchandise."

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