Thought Comcast-type traffic shaping was bad? Then better don't switch to At&T anytime soon. They seem to have even worse ideas.

The New York Times is reporting now
that AT&T has been talking to the RIAA, the MPAA and companies offering filtering solutions for the last half year. The goal: Filter copyrighted content out of your P2P traffic. The Times quotes AT&T senior vice president saying the following on a CES panel:

"We are very interested in a technology based solution and we think a network-based solution is the optimal way to approach this. (...) We are having an open discussion with a number of content companies, including NBC Universal, to try to explore various technologies that are out there."

This announcement comes on the heels of a statement from FCC Chairman Kevin Martin that his agency wants to investigate Comcast's Bittorrent filtering. Martin told the audience of a CES panel on Tuesday that he wants to make sure that "no consumer is going to be blocked". Maybe he can take a look at AT&Ts plans next.

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