I've alluded to this in my weekend column over at Newteevee, but now it's official: Bittorrent announced today at CES that D-Link and Netgear both are becoming Bittorrent device partners. The two companies have integrated the Bittorrent SDK Kit into some of their NAS products, and Bittorrent certified some of their routers for their "for its ability to share high-speed Internet connections and link multiple home users on a network", as the D-Link press release reads.

Bittorrent teamed up with Netgear at CES a year ago already, but back then it was kind of a non-announcement. Netgear simply started to promote the Bittorrent store as a download option to customers of some of its products, but there was nothing really substantial in terms of hardware features.

This years' announcements are somewhat more significant. Having a Bittorrent-enabled NAS is obviously a great idea, and some of the previous implementations done by the hardware manufacturers on their own seemed to be lacking in features and speed. The now-announced NAS devices won't however be able to use the Bittorrent DNA streaming features at least for some time as far as I understand.

Business-wise, the router certification might even be more important for Bittorrent. The company aims to expand its reach beyond the hardcore P2P scene to people who don't necessarily know anything about port forwarding, UPnP and the maximum number of connections - and setting up routers in a way that they are P2P-ready will not only benefit Bittorrent and its DNA efforts, but also other P2P vendors and open source projects.

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