The folks behind the Pirate Bay have started anohter of their countless side projects: is a free web-based email service that promises to take care of your spam while protecting your identity.


Anyone can use Slopsbox without registering by simply giving out email addresses in the format "" to sites that require registration and other unwelcome admirers. You can then go to, "log in" to that account by simply providing the address and solving a captcha - and you get to read all the mail sent to that address.

The service is somewhat similar to sites like, but the obvious difference is that you don't get an auto-generated address but one of your choosing. Update: Turns out the services aren't that different. See comments for details. Slopsbox also provides a few additional domains, making it possible to use addresses like Web hosters can add their own domain by making some changes to their MX record.

All email sent to a Slopsbox address gets auto-deleted after 24 hours. Another unique feature of this service is that inevitably some of the email addresses will be shared by more than one person, so you probably don't want to use this for personal correspondence. Of course one could think of scenarios where you'd actually want to share an open, publicly accessible email address. It will be interesting to see what kinds of uses people come up with.

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