I know, I know, you probably can't stand the idea of more 2007 retrospectives anymore, which is why 'll make this one short and painless. Here are the top 5 stories published on this blog in 2007 in terms of page views, complete with a few updates to see what's going on now ...

Foxtorrent: First review of Akamai's new Firefox Bittorrent extension
Akamai subsidiary RedSwoosh published their own Firefox Bittorrent plug-in back in April 2007. Promising, and definitely interesting from a business perspective, but we're all still waiting for version 2.0.

IFPI wants ISPs to block The Pirate Bay, filter P2P traffic
This one was an Xmas gift from the IFPI - and internet users all over Europe are now wondering why no one ever bothers to actually read their wish lists ...

Allofmp3.com changes name to escape shutdown I predicted back in April that Allofmp3 wouldn't be affected much by a shutdown because they were already working on new sites. And guess what happened when they eventually got shut down in July?

France wants to track file sharers - users fight back with civil disobedience.
Vive la France! Even though it looks like the counter-revolution is winning ground lately.

Porn industry bands together against Bittorrent Maybe this is going to be the first big lawsuit campaign of 08?

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