Now this is what I call market share: BigChampagne and Digital Music News just put out a joint report that finds Limewire is installed on 36.4% of all PCs worldwide. These findings are based on an analysis of more than 1.6 million PCs done by PC Pitstop - a company that offers users free online diagnostics and in turn collects marketing data about the install base of popular apps.

A market share of this magnitude isn't exactly new for Limewire. Pc Pitstop found the file sharing application on 34.1% of all inspected machines just a year ago. A press release from Digital Music News and BigChampagne has research analyst Richard Menta saying:

"Limewire continues to be the iTunes of P2P by a wide margin ... but growth has remained flat over the last several months."

One aspect not mentioned in the press release is that PC Pitstop only analyzes Windows PCs. I'd suspect that the market share for OS X users is even bigger, considering the fact that Limewire has been one of the most popular Mac downloads for years.

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