Title 18 Section 2257 of the US criminal code has long been a cause of trouble for the adult industry. The law, which is meant to protect minors from being abused in porn movies, in a nutshell mandates that porn companies keep records of all actors that appear in their products.

Of course this sounds like a good idea, but the law also covers so-called secondary producers of content, which essentially includes everyone who repackages porn for redistribution - a broad definition that can range from a studio reusing scenes for a compilation DVD to a blogger publishing porn pictures on his website.

2257 has been criticized heavily by both the adult industry's own Free Speech Coalition and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who believes that these regulations are "a problem for everyone who wishes to keep the Internet a vibrant forum for debate." The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recently agreed and found 2257 unconstitutional.

But if you ask porn producers about the issue that they're most passionate about, it's not free speech, but Torrent sites. The adult industry publication XBiz recently asked a few producers what they'd like to get rid of the most, section 2257 or piracy? And, guess what: It's the latter.

Paul Armstrong from AdultRental.com told XBiz that piracy is "a global phenomenon with no end in sight." He also shared a few half-informed observations about piracy, blaming "e-mail newsgroups" for being the most efficient method to download content without paying for it. Says Armstrong: "Users do not require additional software, only an email client."

Mary Gillis from Maleflixxx on the other hand is sure that her company's products are not affected by piracy: "We actually had three of our guys stay home one day and try and hack our streams and after eight or nine hours, they only got a few seconds. We know we're secure." Some people migh consider that a challenge.

A guy only identified as Brad from Adultlounge.com finally seemed to have the most realistic outlook for the adult industry: "We must learn to acclimatize or we are doomed to be grabbing at an ever-shrinking piece of the pie."

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