Blogs, forums and link directories have been at the center of the controversy around one click hosters like Rapidshare and Megaupload. Link directories often link thousands of movies, music and software titles hosted on these sites whereas dedicated bloggers tend to specialize in niches and often upload the content themselves.

Some rights holders have been going after bloggers directly, but many avoid costly persecutions and simply use these blogs and directories to send out mass take-down notices to file hosters.

Some bloggers are now reacting by encrypting their links, effectively making it impossible to figure out the exact URL under which the content is hosted. Knowledge of this URL is an important prerequisite for sending out DMCA take-down notices.


One of the web sites offering such encryption services is UK-based The site replaces regular Rapidshare links with links to custom Rapidbolt web pages that offer direct access to the downloads in question. The only downside: The service only works for registered premium users - unregistered users won't be able to access any of the downloads.

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