Ever wanted try programming your own Bittorrent client, but felt overwhelmed by Libtorrent?


Ben Gower might have an answer for you
: Gower recently wrote a Bittorrent client in Realbasic to have somehting to tinker with while studying how Bittorrent works. In his own words:

"I wanted a client that I could play with: one that I could easily change and use to experiment with different piece selection algorithms and endgame modes, etc..."

The result of his curiosity is called Torrantula - and it works both under Windows and OS X, even though it has a few shortcomings. No DHT support for example, and no NAT traversal either. Gower doesn't recommend using Torrantula as your everday Bittorrent client, but he does think it's a good piece of software to tinker with. Says Gower:

"I wrote this to learn about BitTorrent, and I think it could be a great resource for anyone looking to do the same. If you're interested in writing a BitTorrent app in REALBasic, or perhaps building BitTorrent capability into a game, etc..., this will take care of almost all the dirty work."

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