Remember the days when TV networks were afraid of P2P? Before Joost and Babelgum, when BitTorrent was considered evil and P2P streaming was only being done by piraters out of China?

A lot has changed since then. Joost has become the hip kid on the block and in turn, made P2P sexy again. Traditional content delivery networks like Akamai (AKAM) are starting to embrace P2P. Traditional broadcasters like the BBC are launching P2P-powered media players to deliver their content (and save some dough in the process). And file-sharing companies like BitTorrent and Azureus have begun to sell TV shows through their platforms.

Does that mean that the TV world is wholeheartedly embracing P2P? Not so fast. The reality is that most networks are still somewhat wary of distributed content delivery. Take the fall TV season that is starting this week: Heroes, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy won’t be available on any legal P2P platform, despite all the hype around Joost and its competitors. Continue reading at

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